Five Unique Truths

The guiding principles of our purpose and vision.

Foundation Partners is driven by five truths that keep us true to our principles and committed to our Partners’ traditions and legacy. Our desire to preserve these  legacies combined with our innovative approach sets us apart from the competition. As the funeral industry continues to change, it is these five truths that will guide us as we propel forward into the future of the funeral industry.


Our partnerships flourish when we embrace individual character and share our unique values.

We honor the unique identities and personalities of our partners. In fact, we see it as our responsibility to steward your heritage - one that is so important to the fabric of your community. We believe our success as a company hinges on fostering a mutual respect between our partners and ourselves.


Building strong relationships links us together in unity and in purpose.

Everything we do revolves around relationships - with families, clergy, communities, hospice, healthcare providers and hospitals. We nurture and build these relationships, because people matter. The stronger these bonds, the more likely we are to remain the first choice of those who suffer a loss, guaranteeing the people we serve will receive the best service and care possible.


Looking to the future means creating new ideas, tools, and technologies that enhance the lives of those around us.

With the growth of cremation and reduced number of people seeking traditional funeral services, we understand how your business has changed. We develop new ideas and technologies that make what we do truly unique and valuable to families. We remain committed to providing new generations with innovative technology allowing them to uniquely memorialize those they care about most.


Leading the way in compassion builds trust and empathy for the people and communities we serve.

We must never forget that the greatest value we offer people is human compassion. We demonstrate our empathy in real and meaningful ways, which, in turn, engenders trust from the families we are serving. The more they trust us as individuals, the more care we can offer through our wide range of services created to meet their needs.


By taking care of you – you can in turn provide exceptional care to our families.

We never forget that our people are on the front lines, working tirelessly to offer compassionate care and grow our business. We are committed to providing the best support to you to allow that work to continue.

We will always acknowledge and appreciate the extraordinary service you provide your community. Your passion for your work - and your ability to offer “above and beyond” care - will flourish as we continually recognize, support, and reward you for a job well done.