Our Story

Signaling a New Future

Our story begins with strong roots in the funeral industry.  The Foundation Partners Group leadership team consists of funeral homeowners and business experts who understand how to merge the most compassionate and memorable end-of-life care with new ideas and technology.

Founded in 2010, Foundation Partners has experienced significant growth over the years, and we now serve more than 150,000 families annually in 21 states at one of our over 260 locations across the country.

We are uniquely positioned to create new paths in the funeral industry. Because we are a private company, we have the opportunity to make long-term decisions that embrace each funeral home’s individual characteristics and community values.  It is our passion and unwavering commitment to our Partners, Team Members, and our Families that will carry on our story and the stories of those we serve into the future of the funeral industry.

The funeral home of the future isn't a thing. Beyond a building, beyond a product, beyond a service or website, the funeral home of the future is an idea. That as families wants and needs change we will be ready to meet them wherever they are. That as families navigate the before, during and after of life's end, we will be there along side them as their trusted guide. That as families experience a loass, they find the compassion, hope, and strength they need to find their way through.

Our Mission:

We bring ease and comfort to families.

Our Vision:

We create certainty through the uncertainty of life's end.

We Are People Serving People


Together, we serve with compassion, offering families and one another the same kindness, understanding and care we would want for ourselves.


Together, we give and build trust, bringing out the best in one another and creating a culture of shared respect.


Together, we nurture community, so that no one ever feels like they are walking the end-of-life experience alone.

We Are Innovators Serving People


Together, we choose leadership, willingly going first for the benefit of our industry, our organization, and our communities.


Together, we foster collaboration, leveraging the collective wisdon and talents of our team members, partners, families, and the communities we serve.


Together, we unleash our creativity, solving pressing challenges and uncovering yet unimagined possibilities to better serve families.

10 Years of Revolutionizing the Funeral Profession

In 2020, we celebrated ten years of revolutionizing the funeral profession with our incredible partners. Together we have blazed new trails, launched innovative new services, preserved legacies, and compassionately cared for families. We have grown to over 260 locations across the country, and we are continuing to expand our reach – but only with exceptional Partners and Team Members who are ready to embrace the future of the funeral profession.

Foundation Partners is immensely proud of the wonderful partnerships we have built. Our Partners have dedicated their lives to compassionately caring for their communities, and it is our commitment to honor and preserve these legacies as we watch them grow and thrive. Whether they want to get back to serving families, are looking to expand their business, or simply want to retire, Foundation Partners is here to help them with a succession plan that’s right for their needs.

In the past decade, we have transformed the funeral profession one life, one family, and one community at a time. At Foundation Partners, our first ten years are just the beginning.