April 2021

Green Burial Cremation

The funeral industry has undergone a shift in recent years that is unlike what many other industries have experienced. Like many industries, business trends can change at the drop of a hat. However, the trend towards cremation is one that has happened gradually over time and is not one that should have caught anyone by surprise. Nonetheless, the trend towards cremation has begun to accelerate in recent years and there is no end in sight.

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Foundation Partners Group Disrupts $28.7 Billion Death Care Market with Strategic Focus on Cremation and Innovation

Orlando, FL — In a year in which a global pandemic sent shock waves through the funeral business, Foundation Partners Group continued to invest in innovation and methodically executed a strategy to acquire funeral service businesses with a high cremation mix to become one of the nation’s leading providers of cremation services and the second largest provider of funeral services by case volume, Foundation Partners acquired eight funeral service businesses with 25 locations this past year, growing its footprint in three states with existing locations and expanding to two new markets -- Kentucky and New Mexico.

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