Foundation Partners Group Disrupts $28.7 Billion Death Care Market with Strategic Focus on Cremation and Innovation

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Boosts market share with strategic acquisitions.

Orlando, FL — In a year in which a global pandemic sent shock waves through the funeral business, Foundation Partners Group continued to invest in innovation and methodically executed a strategy to acquire funeral service businesses with a high cremation mix to become one of the nation’s leading providers of cremation services and the second largest provider of funeral services by case volume, Foundation Partners acquired eight funeral service businesses with 25 locations this past year, growing its footprint in three states with existing locations and expanding to two new markets -- Kentucky and New Mexico. Owned by Access Holdings, a Baltimore-based mid-market investment firm specializing in a buy-and-build investment approach, the company now operates nearly 160 locations in 20 states and will serve more than 75,000 families this year.

“It’s been nearly one year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the funeral profession like a tidal wave, and the result has been a fundamental shift in the way many families think about the final disposition and memorialization of loved ones,” said Foundation Partners Group President Kent Robertson. “While funeral directors across the country quickly pivoted to online arrangements and streaming services, fear of infection, government restrictions and the reality of delayed memorials caused many families to consider cremation for the first time.”

In a market estimated to reach $28.7 billion this year, the cremation rate in the U.S. reached an all-time high of 54.6 percent in 2020. A Cremation Association of North America (CANA) study, released in November 2020, which looked at data from 15 states for the period from March – August 2020, reported a dramatic increase in the average annual cremation growth rate – from 1.5 percent for the last decade to an average of 2.74 percent during the height of the pandemic.

“Foundation Partners was founded 10 years ago with the belief that cremation is the future,” Robertson added. “Our industry-leading infrastructure operates at a mix of 86 percent cremation and puts us in a perfect position to take advantage of the current trends.”

Tom Kominsky, Foundation Partners Group chief financial officer, leads the company’s M&A growth initiatives. “Our acquisition strategy is to partner with independent funeral home operators who believe in providing the highest quality service for families regardless of the final disposition method they choose,” Kominsky said. “We do this by building density in existing markets and expanding into new ones. Assisting owners with their succession planning and providing a partner to help further grow their businesses and extend their legacies sets Foundation Partners apart and makes us the buyer of choice for many funeral home owners. We offer open and honest advice throughout the entire process and support them every step of the way.”

A key to the company’s growth has been its ability to leverage the knowledge and expertise of former owners. A large number of former owners stay on, continuing to manage and expand their businesses with Foundation Partners’ support.

In an innovative, multi-channel approach to pre-need and at-need funeral service sales, Foundation Partners firms offer families everything from multi-sensory ShareLife® memorial services to simple cremation services offered under its Tulip Cremation brand. Offering affordable, online direct cremation arrangements allows the company to reach a new audience at a fraction of the cost of building and operating brick-and-mortar locations.

Foundation Partners Group is one of the industry’s most innovative providers of end-of-life experiences and products. The company owns and operates a network of nearly 160 funeral homes, cremation centers and cemeteries across 20 states. Visit to learn more.

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