Our Difference

Transforming the funeral industry.

Foundation Partners is a company built on the changing climate in the funeral industry. We understand the next generation of end-of-life care means we must lead the way in innovation, technology, and compassionate care based on the preferences of the Families we serve in communities across the country.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, approximately 70% of Baby Boomers do not want a traditional funeral and 62% desire a more personalized funeral. Unfortunately, the vast majority of funeral homes only offer traditional services.

Foundation Partners is completely transforming the funeral industry by offering the latest technology and compassionate care that our Families want. Through our ShareLife® experience and community outreach programs, we are able to offer services like no one else in the industry. Our cycle of care for Families, customer centered arrangements, technology, personal service, and our ability to transform a depressing event into a memorable celebration has separated Foundation Partners from all other competitors. We provide all of these services as we work with our Partners and Team Members as they lead the way in their communities.