Experience ShareLife®

Life’s greatest stories are meant to be shared.

A life matters, and everyone deserves to have his or her life shared. ShareLife® transforms the traditional funeral event into a remembrance and life celebration of beautiful memories over a person’s lifetime, offering hope, healing, laughter, and tears for Family and friends.

ShareLife provides Families a unique approach to planning a remembrance event that captures the story of a person’s life through innovative multi-sensory technology, storytellers, and an overall experience that leaves guests celebrating the most joyful and meaningful moments of a lifetime.

ShareLife is an entire portfolio of products and services creating an experience that differentiates Foundation Partners (FPG) from anyone else in the funeral industry, allowing us to take the burden off Families and add value to their overall experience. From marketing and initial contact, to the arrangement process, to the funeral itself, and afterwards, we help those left behind to more easily navigate the grief journey. We work with Foundation Partners Team Members to create unforgettable moments for our Families that establishes trust, loyalty, and appreciation for all of our Partners in their individual communities.

ShareLife includes, but is not limited to:

Multi-Sensory Experience

A larger than life format at select Foundation Partners locations that shares the story of a lifetime with Family and friends using video themes, picture-in-picture, music, sound effects and scents. Memories made at the beach, on the golf course, or in the worn saddle of a Harley-Davidson are relived again in an environment like no other. In addition, with a dozen pictures, a funeral home can create a Life Tribute video in minutes that tells a life story on the big screen.

Arrangement Conversation

Designed to lower the anxiety of the Family and to increase the ability to plan a meaningful remembrance event. No Family has to walk into the discomfort of a cold, uncomfortable casket or urn selection room. This room setting gives the Family a warm living room environment. Using technology and a large screen format, Families are able to participate in the arrangement conversation with access to all options and total transparency on products, services, and cost.



Certified Celebrants or specially trained speakers present a meaningful and personalized service that tells the life story of a loved one. A Storyteller leads the service and creates a beautiful remembrance event that captures the wonderful memories of a person’s life and can be the single officiate for the event or work alongside a member of the Clergy.


Receptions and Catering

Extends the experience of a personal and meaningful Life Celebration into a time of food and sharing allowing family and friends to remember their loved one in a personal and inspired event celebration. These receptions are uniquely themed around the life story of the person being remembered. These take place on-site, in the funeral home’s reception facility, or at other locations.


Funeral Webcasting

Delivers a live feed of the service over the internet for remote viewing for Guests who cannot attend the funeral. Funeral webcasting allows anyone to be part of the service live over the internet. It can also be archived for delayed viewing of the service or downloaded to DVD as a permanent keepsake.


Themed Life Celebrations

Helps facilitate the sharing of memories and telling of a life story using themed visuals such as mementos, photo collages, props, softly playing music, and unique activities. Every detail is thoughtfully and uniquely utilized to share the individual story of a loved one’s life, creating a meaningful and personal experience.


Personalized Memorial Products

World-class memorialization products created with the click of a mouse in minutes. Some of these options include stunning tribute videos. These videos can be played, viewed, and shared anywhere on any device. Custom print keepsakes are also available, customizable, and easy to create and use. Photos and videos can easily be shared on website tribute pages.


Veteran's Funeral Specialist

The ShareLife experience begins with the sacred duty of taking the deceased loved one's remains into our care. This program has been designed to set us apart from our competition, and to provide respect and honor to our deceased Veterans. Foundation Partners also uses a patriotic cot cover for all veteran transfers, an Honor Coach at select locations, and a flag retirement program for veterans. The ShareLife rooms also have a veteran's video backdrop. For more information about VFS, click here.


Memorial Rose Transfer of Deceased

Focuses on the initial face-to-face contact with the immediate family of a loved one. In cases where the family is not present, this program makes a powerful impression on hospice or skilled nursing professionals who directly impact a family’s funeral home selection. It simply involves the placing of a white, silk, long stem rose when taking a deceased loved one into our care and allows us to leave behind an important and powerful symbol of remembrance.