All Veterans: Funeral homes work to help give vets proper honors as national cemeteries still don’t allow funerals

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By: Sean Towle

DENVER — Memorial Day weighs heavily on families who have postponed funeral plans because of rules related to COVID-19 at national cemeteries. However, some funeral homes are working with families to honor veterans amid the restrictions.

Anne Ramirez and her family were making their first trip to see her parents' final resting place in Fort Logan on Memorial Day. But due to COVID-19, no ceremony could be done.

"My dad passed away. He had kidney cancer. He passed away March 5, and my mom suddenly passed away on April 14," said Ramirez.

Korean War vet Norman Harpole and his wife of 65 years, Vivian Harpole, were quietly interred at Fort Logan National Cemetery on Saturday.

"The mortuary made plans to have them here by Saturday so we could have our first Memorial Day here with them," said Ramirez.

All Veterans Funeral and Cremations exclusively handles veterans and their families and helped Ramirez get her parents to Fort Logan.

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