Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services: Funeral services during coronavirus

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by Taniqua Pennix

During this global pandemic, many people have questions when it comes to burying their loved ones.

Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services said they are doing everything they can to help people during their time of mourning.

Recently, the funeral director, Justin Baxley, streamed live on Hiers-Baxley's Facebook page to address concerns families have about funeral services during the coronavirus.

He said families can still have funerals, but they have to follow federal guidelines issued by the CDC, so you are limited to ten people. However, through technology, funeral services can be live-streamed.

Baxley said they've also implemented a Rose in Place Program. " What that literally means is we put in the seats of the chapel, white long stemmed roses," where family members would be seated, he said.

He said during these time they are still available to assist the community but they do have safety measures in place so their staff can be protected as well.

If someone needs to make funeral arrangements, they can do so, through a secure web conference, calling the office, or sending an email.

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