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The Doors Are Open

Five women from various former professions who have broken through the proverbial glass ceiling in funeral service. By Lee Senderov

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Nanci & Steve Trevino: Community Means Everything

For Steve Trevino, being involved in the community isn’t something you just do, it’s part of who you are. “This is our home for 35 years,” Trevino said of Parker, Colorado, “and our community involvement means everything to us – from our church to our civic organizations, our involvement through our kids’ participation in school and everything that they did, so it’s always been important. It has become the fabric of our community involvement.

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ACE Runner-up: Highland Memorial Park, Ocala, Florida

Highland Memorial Park is a perfect example of how thoughtful design, expanded options at multiple price points, and teamwork have come together to create a model for future cemetery development. Choosing a final resting place is a very personal decision. For the Highland team, it’s all about creating unique and beautiful settings that reflect the lives of the loved ones they honor.

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