Foundation Partners Group Expands into 13 States with the Closing of Its Inaugural Transaction

Foundation Partners Group (“Foundation Partners”), a national funeral home and cemetery operator, announced today the closing of its inaugural transaction, which will expand the Company’s operations to 13 states.  As part of the transaction, Foundation Partners will now operate 22 funeral homes and five cemeteries previously affiliated with Service Corporation International (“SCI”). These properties were divested following SCI’s acquisition of Keystone North America, Inc. in compliance with a Federal Trade Commission Decision and Order.
Foundation Partners CEO Steve Shaffer says “Our organization is built on a commitment to the families we serve and the individuals who take care of those families.  We are so proud to be teaming up with the people at these affiliated locations to continue the heritage of exceptional service they provide to their communities.  Foundation Partners is building an organization based on the principles of:

  • Individualized Care
  • Teamwork
  • Ceremony and Commemoration
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Sound Business Practice

we anticipate this will be a partnership that many owners will want to join.”

Foundation Partners is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Its Executive Partnership Team, with nearly 100 years of collective experience in the industry, includes the following professionals:

  • Steve Shaffer, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Jim Price, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Christopher Thomley, Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul Haarer, Vice President Business Development

Jim Price, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, expressed “We are pleased to be able to continue and improve the tradition and culture we had built over the years at Keystone with this new organization.  Foundation Partners is the right name for our new venture given the strong foundation we are starting with and the partnership mentality we believe in.   If you’ve spent a lifetime building a tradition, heritage and reputation in your community, there is no better company to affiliate with than
Foundation Partners.”

Foundation Partners is currently looking for new “partners” to bring into its family of firms.  If you are interested in hearing the Foundation Partners story, please contact us at

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