Foundation Partners Group Join’s Industry Leaders As Major Contributor to Funeral Service Foundation

Orlando, FL – Steve Shaffer, Jim Price, Paul Hearer and Chris Thorley, the senior executive team of Foundation Partners Group, LLC, demonstrated their strong belief in funeral service as a profession and an industry with a $100,000 contribution to the Funeral Service Foundation.  “$100,000 is a large contribution for any company to make, but it is remarkable for a business founded only five months ago. I know these folks.  So, while remarkable, this contribution is not surprising.  Every one of them has a lifelong commitment to the best in our profession. This contribution demonstrates the company’s and the individual officer’s commitment to funeral service, as well as their optimism concerning the future.”   Alan Creed, Chair, Funeral Service Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Funeral Service Foundation (FSF) is the funeral profession’s charitable and grant making arm. The FSF mission is to raise awareness of the important work that funeral service does, while benefiting those both in and outside the profession. The Foundation is dedicated to strong fiscal stewardship of donated funds, with an absolute minimum devoted to operating expenses.  The Funeral Service Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

“As the president of Foundation Partners Group, making a $100,000 contribution as a start-up company was not an easy decision.  However, as a new funeral service and cemetery company, our future depends on addressing the changes we all face in a pro- active and positive fashion.  We believe that the Funeral Service Foundation has the potential to play an important role in supporting the industry in this regard. We consider it extremely important that the Funeral Service Foundation have the funds it needs to continue it’s important work.  I recently attended a presentation of the Recruitment and Retention research study results funded by the Foundation; no other entity in our industry is prepared to address critical issues like this in an unbiased and objective fashion.   As a funeral home and cemetery operating company, we face the same challenges independent funeral home operators have, only compounded.  I believe the FSF’s work will pay significant future dividends to operators of every scale.”  Steve Shaffer

Foundation Partners Group is a privately held, funeral home and cemetery acquisition and operating company, with 23 firms in thirteen states.    FPG is well funded, and prepared to offer independent operators a succession planning alternative with a family oriented funeral and cemetery service culture.

“As a career-long funeral director, I’ve experienced the profound changes in our profession from the consumer’s shift in cultural priorities such as religion and ceremony, to the introduction of branches and consolidation.  Funeral service professionals have adapted by making changes in their operations.  The Funeral Service Foundation has the potential to facilitate positive change within the profession by addressing the most significant challenges and this will allow us as business operators to relate better with society and our consumers.”  Jim Price, Executive Vice-president.

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