Three Foundation Partners Group Executives to Present at NFDA

OCTOBER 12, 2015 - By CDFuneralNews

Orlando, FL – Foundation Partners Group (FPG) is honored to have three members of its management team presenting at this year’s NFDA convention in Indianapolis.  At the event, which takes place October 18-21, senior executives from FPG will present on the topics of personalization, arrangement conferences and business practices.

Brad Rex, President and CEO, will share his vision of the funeral experience of the future in a presentation titled “The Funeral Experience of the Future . . . Today”.  He’ll share a novel, holistic approach to meeting the unmet needs of families and guests before, during and after a funeral.  This approach, already being implemented in FPG locations nationwide, generates tangible customer satisfaction, happier employees and better financial benefits for a firm.  This presentation will take place on Monday, October 19 at 7:30 a.m.

In a workshop titled “The Funeral Director’s Guide to Relevant Funerals,” Justin Baxley, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, will present modern approaches to funeral planning that will help orchestrate the transformation of funeral events.  Specific techniques for gathering valuable information from families will be discussed as well as ideas that help create experiences that bring real value to client families and funeral guests.  This workshop begins at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 18.

Erin Whitaker, Senior Director, Operations Integration, will explore how the lenient approach to dealing with client families can ultimately have a negative effect on profitability and the market value of a firm in a seminar “Funeral Directors Are Poor Businesspeople:  Perception, Reality or Opportunity to Disrupt the Paradigm”.  Methods to convert the caring and creative strengths of funeral professionals into smart business practices will be articulated in the session.  Whitaker recently joined the FPG team, bringing her skills and experience in the areas of operations and process improvement.  This seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21 at 8 a.m.

“We are humbled to have three members of our executive team selected to present at this year’s convention,” stated Rex. “We believe that our processes provide families and guests with an innovative approach to reinventing the funeral experience, thereby helping families capture, acknowledge and share life’s purpose.  We are honored to have the opportunity to share several of these methods with the profession.

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